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Our adventure in innkeeping began in 2007 when we purchased a federal-style home in Carlton, now the R. R. Thompson House. We named the B & B after two gentlemen with the same name (more on that later).

After extensive renovations – creation of a new third floor out of an unfinished attic, private baths for all suites and rooms, and new mechanical work – the inn was ready to welcome its first guests in July of that year.During a long career as a research scientist, Mike worked for various European chemical companies, but was based in the U.S. with each of these firms. At various times he conducted research in personal care products (such as shampoo and laundry soap), plastics and agricultural products. 

a french country house with white walls, a green roof, and green window shingles behind a well kept garden with rose bushes
A sign on a pole reads Visit Carlton, the Wine Capital of Oregon, Welcome

Roselyn worked in the newsrooms of two East Coast dailies, first in suburban Philadelphia and later in Bethlehem.  Both assignments involved all aspects of local news reporting, including government, business and police activity.  The Bethlehem paper was coincidentally located just blocks from Lehigh University where Mike received his advanced degree.After retiring from our careers and moving west, we explored the idea of opening a B & B in Oregon.  We found this home – which was occupied by a family at the time – at the end of a long day of searching in the Willamette Valley. We felt this home was ideally suited to become an inn due to its historic charm and quality construction, as well as its location just a couple blocks from Carlton’s Main Street business district.During six turbo-charged months, we created two spacious suites and three charming rooms for guests, all with private, marble-tile baths.  Throughout the renovations we strived to preserve the historic charm of the home, while adding modern luxuries and conveniences.

Built in the 1930s 

The home was constructed for R. R. and Mary Thompson in 1936. Franklin D. Roosevelt was three years into his presidency, and the New Deal promised relief for millions of citizens suffering in the Great Depression. It was a time when radio was king, with families gathering in the evening to hear the latest news, or listen to a favorite singer or comedy program. In sports, American Jesse Owens dominated the Summer Olympics in Berlin, capturing four gold medals in track and field, and foiling the Führer’s plans for the games. This is part of the legacy of the 1930s when the Thompsons built their Carlton home.

Yamhill Carlton

R. R. and Mary were prominent members of the Yamhill County social scene, hosting many parties in their beautiful home.  R. R. was the namesake and grandson of a wealthy and influential Oregon pioneer by the name of Robert R. Thompson, known by the nickname R. R.  The younger Thompson was given the name R. R. in honor of his grandfather; it was not a nickname.The elder Thompson amassed a fortune as one of the owners of the Oregon Steam Navigation Company.  Founded on river commerce, the company has been described as the Pacific Northwest’s first great commercial enterprise. The younger R. R. built a career managing his grandfather’s wealth.  Some of the original details and construction elements you will find in the home are rich mahogany woodwork, golden fir floors and many lighting fixtures, all which help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  We welcome you to the inn.

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